Darksword Armory

Darksword Armory

Darksword Armory brings to you ready-to-battle primitive swords, hunting knives, daggers and weapons that are individually hand-crafted in Canada to appear, feel and handle as the original weapons of the middle ages. Original and old-fashioned weapons from the museum are replicated utilizing the premium quality materials and forged with 5160 High Carbon Steel, after appropriate heat treatment and tempering. We are committed to forging genuine swords that are heralded as the best quality ready-to-battle weapons available on the market. Our line of weapons from the Middle Ages are also employed in Hollywood super-hit documentaries, chartbuster movies and some of the most famous theatres in the world.

Ready-to-battle ancient swords, weapons and armors

Each ancient sword and dagger is hand-forged by our dexterous and expert black-smiths utilizing the centuries old techniques (Hammer & Anvil) while ensuring that the exact size, weight and structure of the original antiques and weapons from the museum are recreated. We take pride in producing swords, daggers and weapons that appear and feel realistic and can be regarded as authentic and fully functional equipment.

Ancient weapons and European Reenactment Weapons

We undertake exhaustive research and employ our decades old hands-on experience with ancient weapons of the Middle Ages to carve out authentic and real weapons that can sustain the turmoil of battle. We create swords and daggers following reliable and traditional techniques as those practiced in the ancient times. We have the ability to produce Medieval weapons either blunt for safety purposes or sharp for acute cutting tests. We also excel in producing HEMA swords with blunt edges while complying with the specifications laid down by HEMA alliance. These swords are ideal for both WMA and Stage Combat.

We also include Medieval armor in our collection that is fully functional and created in line with the HEMA specifications and battle-ready for WMA and SCA combat. The armor is created with 14 and 16 g steel and fully forged to ensure authenticity, functionality and usability in real combat.