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Customer Service

    Please see our ordering page for more information about times and special orders. You can return any of our items to us unused within 30 days for a refund or exchange, whichever you prefer.


    We try to make sure that all of our orders are going to be sized to fit you just right. See our measuring page for information on sizing. If for some reason it just doesn't fit we will exchange the item. Just return it in the original condition and let us know what size you need. Email us first and let us know, some charges may apply if the item ordered is in a non-standard size. Thank you.


    We understand that sometimes a customer is just not happy with an order. For some reason it doesn't meet their expectation. If this happens to you just return it in the original condition and we will issue a refund including the original shipping charges. Special rules apply to special orders. If you have ordered a custom piece we will be unable to issue a full refund. This is only fair since we are out the time and materials of making and will be unable to sell the item to anyone else. We refund 50% of special orders. Please email us and let us try to make it right first. Thank you.

Check Policy

    Items ordered by mail with a check will not be shipped until the check has cleared. If the check is returned NSF then a service fee of $50 will be charged in addition to the original fee, before any items are shipped. Thank you.


Please refer to our contacts page for our mailing address or email us at:


 Please note that the leather armor, accessories, and clothing sold here are for wearing. We cannot be liable for any damages that occur from the use or misuse of any of these items.

    For SCA Legal leather armor please check items with your local marshal before engaging in combat. We feel that this armor is safe for this kind of simulated combat, but injuries could still occur. You take your own chances when you let someone swing a piece of rattan at you. We cannot be liable for any damages or injuries that occur from the use of these items.


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