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Leather Masks

   We provide superior quality leather masks, helms, belts, leather armor, and cloth and leather clothing.   All masks are hand formed from the finest 4oz vegetable tanned top-grain leather. Most of our masks are available in just about any color.  Feel free to email us with any questions.

All items are hand-made here in the USA! We have been hand making custom leather goods for 12 years. You can see our leather masks on people at Mardi Gras, in the SCA, Amtgard, NERO, and at many large RenFairs.  We take pride in making you look good. We also do custom leather masks at very reasonable prices. Tell us what you want to look like and we will make it happen!

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 Please note that the leather armor, accessories, and clothing sold here are for wearing. We cannot be liable for any damages that occur from the use or misuse of any of these items.

    For SCA Legal leather armor please check items with your local marshal before engaging in combat. We feel that this armor is safe for this kind of simulated combat, but injuries could still occur. You take your own chances when you let someone swing a piece of rattan at you. We cannot be liable for any damages or injuries that occur from the use of these items.


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