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Special Orders

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    As we get more special orders, we will add the info and pictures of them here. These are here to give you some idea of what we have done and what we can do. Please feel free to email us about any special order. We will give you a fair price.

    Feel free to write or email me about special orders. I can make or get just about anything you might need for a LARP, Renaissance Festival, or the SCA. I can work from pictures or drawings, I can even do the drawings and email them to you for approval.

     Please note that if for some reason you decide you do not want the order or want to return it, we only refund 50% of special orders. See our Customer Service page for details.

How to go about it

    For leather tooling or painting, you need to send us a picture of what you want, or a really good description. Example cost of say a complex device (i.e.: SCA Midrealm badge) in a 4" x 6" shield shape, tooled and painted would cost around $50, half that for just painted or just tooled.  I can do Celtic Knotwork also, but it takes a long time to do and is very difficult, the cost will reflect this.

    Some examples of special orders are Leather Coronets, and Sword and Dagger sheaths. Alternate hardware (stainless steel, colored rivets, etc.) available, please email specifics of order for an estimate.

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Previous special orders

Dragon Armor

    This armor was made for a young lady who told us she wanted armor that put the "breast" back into "breastplate"! We think we did a good job with that. 

    This was a three week job as she wanted the armor made of 16 ounce leather. That's a 1/4" thick! Weighed 12 pounds when finished. We would charge $1250 for the armor now.


Scale Armor

    This was an experiment I did the summer of 2000. It was made of 10 ounce leather with 18 gauge 2" x 3" steel scales. Each scale was wired to the leather. The mantle alone has over 100 scales on it!

    It took two weeks to cut and shape the scales. It took another two to attach all of them. Weighed 45 pounds when finished. Considering the work and the materials, I would call this a $1500-$2000 job. That is for 3/4 Legs, Greaves, Horned Helm, Half Arms, Half Gauntlets, Belt, Gladiator Kidney Belt, Italian Pauldrons, Scaled Mantle, and Scaled Body Armor.


Heavy Ringmail Armor

    This was made for a guy who plays Amtgard. The ringmail was made of 10 ounce waxed and oiled leather with 2" steel rings sewn to it about one inch apart. It has Italian Pauldrons attached. The Pauldrons have been modified with studs. 

    This weighed 22 pounds when finished. We would normally charge around $800 for this one.

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Leather Tooling

    Leather tooling, burning, and/or painting is available. We can make personal devices or coats of arms, decorative work on armor, just about anything. Email us about about our special prices for custom orders. 

Approx. Price = $75 tooled and painted on both cheeks.


    This griffin was burned into the leather. This makes a particularly attractive addition to any armor.

Approx. Price = $50 burned.

    Here is another griffin that was burned into leather. This one was then painted with leather dyes.

Approx. Price = $50 burned and painted.

Here is Celtic dog pattern burned into a Warrior's Belt.

Approx. Additional Price = $50 burned.

Here is heraldic lion pattern burned into a Warrior's Belt.

Approx. Additional Price = $50 burned and painted.


Here is skull pattern burned into a Warrior's Belt.

Approx. Additional Price = $50 burned and painted.


Here is heraldic unicorn pattern burned into a Warrior's Belt.

Approx. Additional Price = $50 burned and painted.


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 Please note that the leather armor, accessories, and clothing sold here are for wearing. We cannot be liable for any damages that occur from the use or misuse of any of these items.

    For SCA Legal leather armor please check items with your local marshal before engaging in combat. We feel that this armor is safe for this kind of simulated combat, but injuries could still occur. You take your own chances when you let someone swing a piece of rattan at you. We cannot be liable for any damages or injuries that occur from the use of these items.


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